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Representing Survivors of Sexual Abuse


Attorneys Randall Vogt and Barbara Long

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Randall helped me get my life back.

"I know that every survivor out there wants to be heard
and validated and have someone speak up for them.
I also know how hard it is for survivors to trust anyone,
but you can put all your trust in Randall Vogt. "


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We are committed to
handling every case discreetly
and with dignity.

Portland, Oregon Sexual Misconduct Attorneys

Randall Vogt, P.C.

Sexual abuse can happen to anyone and can take many different forms. With over 45 years of combined trial experience, attorneys Randall Vogt and Barbara Long represent survivors of sexual abuse in lawsuits against sex offenders and the organizations that harbor them.

We believe that survivors are empowered by seeking justice through civil actions. Although no amount of financial compensation can ever right this wrong or erase the damage, civil damages can help victims of sexual misconduct regain control of their lives by paying for counseling and building a positive future. A victim may also seek punitive damages to punish the offender and deter others from committing acts of sexual abuse.

Randall Vogt PC is not an assembly-line law firm. Every sexual abuse case is unique and intensely personal. This is why our firm never prescribes a one-size-fits-all solution to cases. We make it a priority to provide clients and their loved ones with the personal attention they deserve. Let us help you take back your power and start to heal.

If you or your loved one has been sexually abused, contact Randall Vogt, PC to speak confidentially with one of our experienced attorneys.

Real Client Reviews

  • I would definitely refer Randall Vogt and his staff to a person dealing with sexual assault. He understands the process and what to expect. I trusted his advice. ”


  • I wanted to thank you two for everything you have done for me and my family throughout this ordeal. Without the support, dedication and compassion that you each showed I truly believe the outcome may have been different.”


  • When I didn't get what i felt like was justice as a victim of sexual assault, I decided to empower myself by hiring Randy Vogt to represent me. From the moment we began our journey through the judicial system they were sensitive to my fears and available to any questions I had.”


  • Randall helped me get my life back. My decision to take my perpetrator to court has given me a profound sense of closure. At last, I feel as though the little girl inside me has been given justice and a sense of peace.”


  • He believed me AND in me, and I in turn trusted and believed in him. (it was a new set of emotions for me... to "believe" in someone). Mr. Vogt never wavered, it was "full speed ahead" with my case. In the end, and it was a victorious end, I felt a new sadness. I realized that this chapter had concluded, and they would move on... as would I. I realized that I had come to consider them as friends. That might seem silly and impossible? but they treated me like a friend, and I came to think of them as my "friends". This was not an easy road for me to travel, But Randall Vogt and his team traveled WITH me; and that made something that seemed impossible, a reality.”