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Profiles of Recent Civil Sexual Abuse Cases Pursued by Vogt & Long, P.C.

Boy Scout Troop Leader

A client in his early fifties retained Mr. Vogt to present a claim against the Boy Scouts of America. When the client was in his early teens, a Boy Scout troop leader befriended him and his parents. Eventually the troop leader and the boy became close friends and the troop leader used this apparently healthy relationship to sexually groom and molest the plaintiff. As years went by, the plaintiff never forgot about the molestation but tried to keep it out of his mind the best he could. However, at a certain point in the plaintiff’s middle years, he began to have panic attacks and nightmares. He went to a psychotherapist who was able to trace the cause of the adult symptoms to the sexual assault that had occurred 40 years earlier. Mr. Vogt filed a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts and its local council. The case was successful in achieving a favorable financial outcome.

Sex Abuse Claim Against Boarding School

Mr. Vogt was retained by a woman in her middle thirties who had been, in an earlier phase of her life, placed in a reform school for teenage girls. While she was in this program, she was befriended by, and eventually sexually molested byher Resident Advisor, an adult female employee of the school. As the client progressed through adolescence and into adulthood, she suffered psychological and emotional problems which prevented her from forming successful social relationships with both peers and authority figures. Because of the sexual abuse she suffered as a teenager, the client’s quality of life was diminished. Mr. Vogt filed a lawsuit which was eventually settled for a substantial sum. After receiving the settlement the client bought an acreage in a remote location in the Rocky Mountains.

Claim Against Massage Therapist

Mr. Vogt was retained by a married woman in her late forties who was given a deluxe massage package at a high-end salon in Portland. The package deal consisted of a full body massage followed by a number of beauty and relaxation-oriented treatments. However, the male massage therapist during the massage took indecent liberties with the plaintiff’s body and engaged in conduct which was subtly wrongful, but not outrageous. The client’s husband reported the matter to the police and the police investigation was inconclusive. The massage therapist denied all wrongdoing. Mr. Vogt filed a lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiff and the lawsuit was settled short of trial for a generous sum.

Claim Against Salvation Army

Mr. Vogt was retained by a native American man in his late twenties. When the client was in his early teens, he was befriended and groomed by the Salvation Army youth director for the state in which the incident occurred, a state very distant from Oregon. Mr. Vogt went to that state and spent three weeks personally investigating the case. He associated with an attorney in that state and filed a lawsuit which was eventually settled for a generous sum.

Child Victim of a Doctor

A man in his late 20’s was, by all appearances, happily married. However, behind the scenes he suffered from an internet pornography addiction. At his wife’s insistence he sought the advice of a psychologist. During psychotherapy, the man disclosed his entire sexual history, which included molestation by a medical professional when the man was a youth aged 9-13. He then contacted Vogt to talk about the possibility of a civil claim against the perpetrator’s clinic. Mr. Vogt then made a demand on the clinic and, after six months of pre-filing negotiations, achieved a financial settlement for his client well in to the six digits. No lawsuit was filed.

Daycare victim

Mr. Vogt’s client was a six year old girl who had been attending the same daycare center for about three years. The girl began displaying some sexually inappropriate behaviors which were out of the ordinary for a child of this age. The client’s parents called Mr. Vogt and asked for his advice. Mr. Vogt advised that the girl be examined by a child psychologist who was trained in such matters, to determine whether or not she was a victim of sexual abuse. The psychologist reported that the girl’s behavior was highly suspicious for abuse and the matter was turned over to the police. The police investigated and found that an employee of the daycare center had been systematically abusing pre-school age girls at the daycare center. The perpetrator of the abuse was arrested and indicted and eventually received a lengthy prison sentence. Mr. Vogt successfully represented the victim in a civil claim against the daycare center and the case was settled for insurance policy limits.

Intrafamily victim

Vogt’s client was a woman in her early 40’s who was happily married and the mother of a boy in early adolescence. As her son approached his teens, the client became excessively worried about the child’s safety. Her level of vigilance and anxiety progressed to the point she sought help from a psychotherapist. The psychotherapist obtained a detailed history from the client who revealed that she had, in her early adolescent years, been sexually abused by her biological father. The matter had been, at that time, reported to the authorities in the rural county where the abuse happened, and the sexual contact had been addressed by the local Court system. By combing though Court records, Vogt found that the father had admitted to sexual misconduct against his daughter when she was 13 years old. Armed with this evidence, Mr. Vogt made demand on the father, who had had no contact with his daughter for many years. Before any lawsuit was filed, Vogt managed to successfully negotiate a generous financial settlement on behalf of his client.

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